Polyvore, What’s good?

Again, I apologize for not blogging enough. I really need to get my life together. It’s been hard recently because it was freshers week and even though I only went out twice, and I’m not even a student, it got in the way of some projects. I haven’t physically created anything over the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been learning and planning stuff so that October can be extremely productive. I’m not sharing too much on here about what I’m working on as its too early, but I’m working on a really exciting project I’ll let you know about soon.

I’ve been looking at social media a lot this week, and ways to build a fashion, sewing related personal brand and figuring out which social media platforms to invest my time in, and which ones to leave for later. I’ve spent the last 3 days playing with Polyvore and I am honestly obsessed with it, and excited over the potential.

Polyvore is basically a fashion community where you make these.

Louise #10


It seems simple enough, but it’s really addictive, and the potential for views is exciting. Polyvore is the largest online fashion community, it has millions of active members and it’s really easy to get followers. I’m not sure how much conversion there would be in terms of gaining Instagram followers/ youtube subscribers, but with year old accounts having 500,000+ profile views it’s bound to drive some traffic to your other more important platforms.

The images themselves are exciting too, from October to December I’m going to be sewing every day and posting to Instagram as often as I possibly can ( I actually just ordered a phone with a better camera to make it easier to take better Instagram pictures). I want to post twice a day which should be possible, but there are bound to be days where I don’t have 2 things to share, enter Polyvore, It’s going to make my life so much easier.


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