Helloo welcome to the most boring page on my blog. Here are all of the ways that I make money fully explained to you. That’s the plan anyway, I haven’t made any money yet 😉

I am a member of the UK amazon associate scheme. This allows me to link to products that I like and earn a small commission if somebody makes a purchase through clicking the link. For example, if i were to share a piece of artwork I may include links to the products I used.  Purchasing through these links has no effect on the price of the product and is at no extra cost to you.

I only recommend and link to products which I use and love. I would link to these products regardless. My integrity means more to me than affiliate commissions and I promise that all of my reviews will be 100% truthful. I will let you know when there are affiliate links present in a post before you read it and if you don’t want me to earn a commission just don’t purchase anything through the links.