Etsy, Etsy and more Etsy…

Today is the day I opened my Etsy shop. I always knew Etsy was in my future, I’m just that kind of person you know, but I never thought my shop would be selling vintage knitting patterns. A couple weeks ago my great grandmother passed away at the impressively old age of 97. She was knitting obsessed, I remember her teaching me how to knit when I was 5, I never remembered how to do it but I remember her snapping needles in half and filing the ends down on the garden wall. I desperately hoped I would find those tiny knitting needles when I inherited her collection, but I couldn’t find them, I’m over it though because I have around 500 vintage knitting patterns instead.

I want to keep all 500 of them but that’s probably just because I am a hoarder. I can’t keep them all my room is just too small. I’d never knit them all anyway, at least 70% are children’s patterns which will be no use to me for a reaaaaally long time. Around 80% are aran knitting patterns, which to her were probably all different, but to me, they look identical. For this reason I’ve decided to sell a chunk of them on Etsy, hopefully this will help me fund my sewing costs.

I got up at 7am this morning and it is now 8:50pm and I’m only just winding down after my first day of “work.” Etsy is damn hard by the way, it takes a long time to write those listings and scan the pattern covers and set up the shipping but it’s all done and I’m ready to send out orders. Not that I think I’ll get any by the way. My items seem to be showing up high in search but Iit will be a while before I make my first sale. I’m just happy to have it there for now though. My main priority this month is to film everything I make and ACTUALLY upload the videos to youtube so I’m not bothered if I don’t have Etsy money.

If you are a knitter and you love vintage stuff please consider taking a look 😀 I hope you find something you like. xx

Here are some of my favorite listings so far, click on the images to go to the listing.





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