Last Day of my First Project and How I Shall Spend My Weekend of Freedom

Today is the last day we have to finish off our garments. I’m really stressing but the second years in our group are convinced that it will be finished soon. I have been working on the ribcage for around two weeks now and they have been horrible but they are finally okay. Last night I stayed up until 12:30am to finish my sketchbook which doesn’t seem late but it is for me!

Here is our progress so far:

12092243_10153676790272940_1467353787_n  12092511_10153676790682940_810376250_n12077128_10153676791547940_227174259_n12083926_10153676791457940_1011085417_n

It’s been really exciting to see it all come together like we designed it. Our next project is to make a tunic, which we are doing so that we can learn lots of sewing and pattern cutting techniques. It starts on Monday and I don’t have all of my equipment yet. I have to order it all next day delivery which costs £15 + the cost of all of the equipment. The main thing that I need is a Graders Square.

I am excited to finish collaboration because the next step is to actually learn Illustration and Production which are really important skills that I will need to know. I am excited to learn pattern cutting especially because I would love to be able to design and make my own clothes. This is a dream I have had since age 7 when my favourite program was That’s So Raven. I have made clothes for myself in the past but those were from already existing patterns, I would love to be able to make exactly what I want. I don’t even plan on shopping anymore I just want to make everything.

This weekend is my first homework- less weekend in 6 weeks. I’m going to a vintage fair in Cardiff City Hall on Sunday. I’m very excited to go because I went a few years ago and it was great. The only problem is I am going with my boyfriend who will complain all the way through it and try to get us to leave early but he won’t succeed. I probably won’t buy anything I would just like to look around and take some pictures. I’ll probably do a blog post about it so that I don’t have to make one about the awful tunic we are going to be making. As part of my course I have to update this blog often with everything I have been doing.

This weekend I am also going to start making my halloween costume. I have a black lace dress that I never wear which I am going to turn into a witch dress. It’s not going to be very complex sewing or anything I was just going to sew some organza onto an elastic waist band and put it over the top of the dress so I can change it without ruining it for the sake of one night. I’m going to a Cardiff Devils hockey match on Halloween and then we will probably be going out in Cardiff after it so I can wear my witch costume.


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