This post contains amazon associates affiliate links. Please read the disclosure. The products recommended are all products  I use and honestly recommend.

Helloo! Welcome to my ladies festival pack list, similar to my general pack list only with a higher focus on hygiene.


Shewee/ whiz freedom– It depends on the festival but if you’re going to reading I recommend getting these so you don’t have to squat over a metal tank and then still get 50 people’s pee all over the back of your legs. I use the whiz freedom because it’s flexible and easier to aim. Just practice with it first. I was speaking to a girl last year at download who said she’d never use one again because she dropped it mid- pee and weed all over herself at reading festival. This can be avoided by mastering it before you go. The shower is a good place to do this.

Feminine Wipes– you can buy individually wrapped vagisil wipes that are really easy to carry around with you. They are a bit more pricy than buying in a pack but you don’t want to be carrying entire packs of wipes with you to the arena. Really good for freshening up especially if you are on your period.

Pads & Tampons- Periods are really sucky at music festivals but here’s what works for me. Wear a pad all day, and use tampons with the pad. Try to change the tampon when you get a chance but try not to leave it in for more than 8 hours. If you find tampons start to leak after around 4 hours for you then don’t worry too much because the pad will save you. Festivals aren’t all that discreet in terms of disposal so take some nappy bags/ dog mess bags and put your used stuff in there. I recommend getting applicator tampons because they are a lot more hygienic. If you prefer using menstrual cups then I really don’t recommend them for music festivals. It’s impossible to get your hands squeaky clean at festivals. And the toilets are disgusting, the sinks are really public too. I’d be too worried about getting an infection. Also the thought of rinsing a mooncup out in a public sink full of spew in front of loads of other people seems gross.

Face wipes/ makeup wipes- I really like micellar water so I either recommend taking a little bottle of that with cotton pads or you can get micellar wipes. Micellar can also be used to clean makeup brushes (post coming soon) so if you are taking brushes it’s a good choice. Other than that your favourite brand of makeup wipe would do. You could even use baby wipes, I just feel like they break me out.


Make-up is like 5000% unnecessary at music festivals. But I’m not here to shame you for wanting to take some. I do sometimes. Here’s what I recommend

  • Foundation you can apply with your fingers
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • Bronzer
  • Powder Brush
  • Blender brush
  • Lipstick/ tinted lip balm.
  • Eyeliner
  • Compact mirror.

If you have good skin, you could skip the foundation & concealer. Or you could skip foundation and just use the concealer to cover your blemishes. You can use the blender brush to apply the bronzer to your crease, and then you can also use it to contour. Use a light hand while contouring with a small brush otherwise it will look streaky. The eyeliner and lipstick are optional, I never take them.  This should all take around 2 minutes to do so it won’t get in the way of having a good time. I usually get lazy and stop around Friday though.


Brush, hair ties & headbands for keeping your hair neat. I recommend a tangle teaser because they are small, light and will get through any knot. Give up on your hair looking nice. Keep it in plaits/ buns, ponytails. You can pay to use GHD’s at the festival if you REALLY want to but I’d rather save my money and look like a scruff.

Dry shampoo- if you’re hair gets oily take some dry shampoo. Lush has a good one that comes in a tiny bottle. I pour it out into a little sifter jar and take that because it’s even smaller.

Hair oil/ serum- if you hair gets dry I’d take some hair oil/ serum. I like this one because it’s really affordable. This should make it more manageable. I used to use it when I bleached my hair and it makes looking after it during festivals so much easier.

That’s about it for extra things to pack for girls. I’ll be doing a women’s clothes packing list which will be up soon. Comment if you have any other suggestions! Hope this helped.


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