Apology for inactivity + what I’ve been doing!

Hello, everyone! so very sorry for the little break I’ve had in blogging. I figured it wouldn’t matter as I don’t actually have a following. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying the summer! I went to Download festival which was lovely & also went to Spain with my bae Ryan.

My holiday drama is actually my first excuse for my blogging hiatus. My boyfriend’s parents kindly paid for me to go on a family holiday with them to Spain which was AMAZING, but there were 2 problems. Problem one was the fact that my camera didn’t work so I couldn’t take outfit pictures for my blog. Problem 2 is that our flight was cancelled and we were stuck out there for an extra four days.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful extra 4 days but it complicated things.

The day we got back me & my boyfriend were dog sitting for 2 weeks while my parents went on holiday so instead of blogging I decided to binge watch pretty little liars with Ryan. Sorry,not sorry.

The main excuse, which I feel actually redeems me, is that I have been doing lots and lots of work. My sewing and pattern cutting skills have improved greatly over the past few weeks, I just couldn’t be bothered to blog about them because the actual practice I did wasn’t that exciting.

One thing I will be blogging about very soon is the online skirt sloper class I am doing, by Suzy Furrer on Craftsy. I am around half way through the class and I just finished perfecting my sloper. It fits wonderfully and was so worth the effort. I am going to be doing my review of the class in two parts, part 1 is going to be up this week and it is going to be about making the sloper. Part 2 is going to be about the patterns I am going to design out of my sloper and that should be up in a few weeks. As I make new garments they’ll have their own posts and I’ll let you know if they were drafted with my sloper!


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